sunny yellow

I was recently browsing on Pinterest, looking for knitting patterns… (as you do) something to use for my next project. And I stumbled across this little alteration gem, which is a cardigan made out of a sweatshirt. So I went to the closest charity shop looking for a sweatshirt to use. Obviously there was none to serve the purpose… but I found this little t-shirt from Land’s End in lemon yellow. (forgot to take a ‘before’ pic, sorry)

I slept on it and woke up with the idea what I’ll do to it 😀

Whipped out my Alabama Chanin book and I used her corset pattern and the end result is…..



I was super lazy, used my sewing machine to assemble the pieces and also only used my phone to take some quick pics of it 😀

… and here it is in action

FullSizeRenderI like the raw edges and probably if I were toned enough I’d love how figure hugging the garment is 🙂

Anyway, back to knitting for me !


spring is in the air

Ever happened to you that you are doing something for a period of time and although you are giving it your 100% it just doesn’t want to work… and then one day it just falls into place and it works. Its hard to explain because I feel in the world of “art” (please don’t think I’m big headed) and craft there are very few rules as to what you need to do… it all come down to whether it “works” or not. And sometimes pieces go against all or most rules and they still “work”.

I feel like I have been taking photographs for the last few weeks and non of them felt too good… I just felt like there wasn’t anything that I liked about them. Been to the Birmingham Photography Show  and there was a fab little garden set up and I really enjoyed taking photos of the succulents there, but it was more of a “lets fight me being so self conscious” thing, I think I haven’t even looked at the images I took.

But today for some reason, after 6 hours of walking these images just feel like they sing to me… An amazing photographer said this recently and I really like the phrase. My photos are just aspiring shadows compared to hers, I feel like I want to take photos like these when I grow up 🙂 or when I finally manage to save up for a 50mm lens at least :-p

But in the mean time, here are today’s glimpse in the spring sunshine








I just recently uploaded these photos to my Facebook page, all this bla bla of art and effort of taking a good photo and guess which photo people like the most? Well the one with dog of course… this dog is stealing my photographic glory 🙂

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