Beautiful commission…

… for Maggie!  xxx

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I made it out of up-cycled, lovely patterned, corduroy (as in an old skirt) up on request, and I am very pleased how nice it looks 🙂

Do hope it’s owner will enjoy using it and appearing with it as much as I enjoyed making it!!



easy Tuesday mornings…

Last week I made this bag… still stock with the raspberry colored linen 🙂 and with this song :). I think they both match eachother and perfectly accompany this lovely spring sunshine and warm smells that is happening right outside my window.

So people, if you have the chance even for five minutes, just enjoy the warmth and use the creativity of the light that is spreading everywhere!

Also, started crocheting a top, inspired by Maggie… and I was ever so impressed, as I managed to follow a pattern without difficulty… gosh, I felt invincible 🙂 Will post it as soon as I’m finished!

Until next time, happy sunny Tuesday everyone!


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