in “case” …

Sewing away, bags are still on my mind, summer is being delayed by rain… so I had to use everything I could find 🙂 Exactly!

In “case” you don’t understand, I found use of all the small pieces of fabric that either was left behind or only had little of… and I made some cases.

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Always had trouble neatly organising things…No no, I can organise, I just can’t keep them that way :D. I generally have an interior order that, according to others, doesn’t look too good :-p .So I thought, why not? And I made these tool cases… with some cotton, lace, up-cycled denim and to make them chic, I decorated them with some vintage and plastic buttons and the closure ties are satin ribbons. Cute hm?

Perfect for pencils, hooks, you name it…

Gona continue making them, as they are great fun, gives me space to experiment and I still have loads of crochet hooks and tools that need a good resting place.

For more info on them, have a look at them in my shop.


Keep on creating!  🙂


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