exciting march

What an amazing way this month has started… my good friend and fab artist Amanda Hiller has been featured in Period Living magazine. Amanda’s work is so lovely and when I first heard about the news of this article, I didn’t realise the scale of it… Amazing!! Getting my copy tomorrow!!

But the other exciting thing about this article is that some of my photos are featured in it as well 😀 So happy! Its a great way of showing off our continuous cooperation.

Here are a few photos I took of Amanda, her work and her studio.



Is there a recipe for patience?_2

Well I didn’t have to wait long 🙂 I got ‘go ahead’ from customer, replies to emails, things got sorted (at least some of them) and the dreaded moment came too, my bike sort of gave up on me today, so finally that needs fixing now.

Oh, in the mean time, I have an almost finished bag, saw at least 4 movies and took photos of some amazing ladies. Still a lot of editing to do, but here is a sneak peek

DSC_0371 DSC_0270 More to come soon 🙂


lovely things No 1

If you read this blog you know, but if this is the first time you ventured over here, then I’ll tell you 🙂 I love taking photographs… One of my childhood dream come true really. I know that some must think that ‘it’s only a push of a button, what’s the big fuss?’, but I find so much pleasure when I manage to take a good shot, or when my image does justice to something beautiful.

I find product photography really gratifying. For some reason I don’t always take good shots of my products (maybe because they aren’t good, who knows? :-p) but for example I’m really pleased with the photos I took of a friend’s jewellery. All taken in natural light with my standard lens on my lil’ Nikon 🙂 Although my next step is investing in a 50mm lens, for that shallow depth of field and fab bokeh 🙂

But anyway, have a look:




silver:red bracelet_1





MSND bracelet_2




These photos were taken of Jane Dearman‘s jewellery and they are all available for purchase in her Etsy Shop. Also what is really nice with Jane’s jewellery (apart from them being so amazingly delicate and some of them so complex) is that they can be made to order, which means you can have the perfect jewellery to match your outfit and event 🙂

Thanks for visiting



camera, lights… studio :)

There was very little sunshine today so I thought I’ll take my chances in the studio… same daffodils 🙂

I feel extremely lucky to have good friends, specially one with a photography studio equipped with lights and backdrops and all the goodness you need for some experimentation. Thank you Garreth 🙂 I only had half an hour this time and these images are my results:











spring is in the air

Ever happened to you that you are doing something for a period of time and although you are giving it your 100% it just doesn’t want to work… and then one day it just falls into place and it works. Its hard to explain because I feel in the world of “art” (please don’t think I’m big headed) and craft there are very few rules as to what you need to do… it all come down to whether it “works” or not. And sometimes pieces go against all or most rules and they still “work”.

I feel like I have been taking photographs for the last few weeks and non of them felt too good… I just felt like there wasn’t anything that I liked about them. Been to the Birmingham Photography Show  and there was a fab little garden set up and I really enjoyed taking photos of the succulents there, but it was more of a “lets fight me being so self conscious” thing, I think I haven’t even looked at the images I took.

But today for some reason, after 6 hours of walking these images just feel like they sing to me… An amazing photographer said this recently and I really like the phrase. My photos are just aspiring shadows compared to hers, I feel like I want to take photos like these when I grow up 🙂 or when I finally manage to save up for a 50mm lens at least :-p

But in the mean time, here are today’s glimpse in the spring sunshine








I just recently uploaded these photos to my Facebook page, all this bla bla of art and effort of taking a good photo and guess which photo people like the most? Well the one with dog of course… this dog is stealing my photographic glory 🙂

Streets of Chester, people of streets, no pressure

I have been so lucky to be able to go to a Street Photography workshop, held by my friend Garreth in Chester.

I have been to Chester once but it was so great that I could explore the streets on my own with my camera for hours, the weather was amazing and I felt so relaxed and “at home” about it. I always forget how much I enjoy being behind the camera and realise how important days like these are.

Garreth is a fab teacher and he has this ability to just put you at ease, so not at any point of the day I felt nervous about the photos I’ve been taking or stressed whether I’ll get the shot or not, and still ended up with loads of good photos.

Here is a bit of a selection.

Enjoy 🙂

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P.S.: the photos above haven’t been modified in Photoshop other then some of them being cropped.


playing with filters and light

Had a fab weekend, taking part of a 3 day landscape photography workshop in Snowdonia, Wales.

It was fun, lots of banter with Garreth and Lindsey, waking up early to catch the first sunlight, going to superb locations and in the mean time feeling relaxed and inspired to capture my version of the landscape in front of me.

Garreth introduced me to the world of filters an polarizers, and how they can manipulate life as the camera perceives it… loved the results and I have somewhat a deeper understanding of my camera and techniques.

Have a look!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Fell in love with Anglesey, really enjoyed my time at the beach hunting for small scenes and taking in the sea air. Also we were ever so lucky not to have any rain, as Wales has plenty of it. It was a bit cold, but hey, can’t moan about it really.

here is me in ‘action’

One of the best pre-birthday event ever. 🙂

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