I’m back :)

Being away from blog writing is so easy… and yet its much more fun, when I make my self write, I just have to keep remembering that.

Although I have been busy, and here are a few things that I have been busy with:

lace necklace

lace necklace

lace necklace_2








Yes, a bit a crochet is always good 🙂 and these necklaces are already available in my shop.

But not all is yarn and hook, been doing some paintings inspired by a fab artist called Agnes Cecile, here is my version



hand 2

I know…pretty crap compared to Agnes’s work, but I was happy that I am able to do something that is kind of ok to look at. Definitely there is room for improvement and I’m looking forward to that 🙂

And last but not least, I have been spending a dash of time with Amanda Hillier in her studio, and these are my new lions, it was lovely to carve and print again… and I think I want to experiment more with colours 🙂



Thanks for stopping and a good spring to you all!






beads and wire

After being ill for so long with the nastiest sinus infection, it feels great and liberating to create nice things again.

Ever since I discovered tiger tail wire for my self I am hooked onto making necklaces with it.
Specially these simple types with crimp beads and combining various glass beads. Simple, elegant, quirky… I like 🙂

The yellow one is already available in my shop


Hope spring is gona come soon and it will bring some sunshine 🙂


Busy preparing :)

I’m not really a fan of this heavy/pressurised ad- and marketing campaign that just started as a runner up for Christmas and it is hardly the second week of November.

But I had to join in… well, to some extent. Spending every free minute to prepare for Craft Fairs… hoping that Christmas will not be coming from the super-market but from some lovely local Christmas Fairs 🙂 with some hand-made gifts 😀

29th of November, Christmas Craft Fair and Swish in Telford

2nd of December, Christmas craft Fair at Apley

So far I made some necklaces using glass beads and tiger tail wire

some earrings with glass beads

and got to stay cosy for winter, here are some scarfs

Also there will be some bags, T-cosy to follow, with other niceness 🙂

I really enjoy making and finally using all the impulsively found little treasures like unique beads, materials, yarns, buttons, cards etc. But I also had fun making the tags, with which I am pleased with (my head is like hot-air balloon now :-p ).

At the moment these items are not available from my shop because the jewellery is only silver plated, not silver (trying to keep costs down for customers) but if anything is to your fancy or got an idea and would like me to make it for you, that is not a problem, just let me know!

Let me know what you think, whether I have any chance this Christmas :)?
And if you are in the neighborhood, then come and say hi to me and Janine, who’s work will be just next to mine 🙂 !


yesterday… all the craft I managed to do in a day… :)

Having a bit of a break from sewing at the moment, but it feels nice as more and more jewellery ideas are flowing… so yes, keeping in with the creative spirit 🙂

Yesterday we had a fab creative day, made some meringues (before I could gram my camera, they were all gone, he he), first of its kind :).

Then spent some time with colors, textures, heat and plastic:

 I can see some brooches in progress… 😉

Then came some silk paper making 🙂

Maggie making her paper 🙂

This is only the first stage of making silk paper, laying out the silk fiber in two layers and the way of the fibers should cross each other on the layers. Then it gets to be covered with plastic mesh fabric, soak through with warm soapy water then soak it through with glue mixed with water. The kit and inspiration came from an artist we saw on a local expo, Stevie. Her work is so so beautiful!!! Anyway, the silk paper is drying at the moment… we made two, one in orange and warm yellowy shades as you can see on the images and another one in pinks and purples… no pics of that, but wait till they dry out 🙂

And the final craft attempt of yesterday is

well, work in progress…gona be a necklace once I finish it 🙂

In the mean time, have a look at the new necklace and earring I made combining glass beads, silver wire and ribbons.

And remember, crafting is fun, but doing it with others is the best!!!!

Have a happy weekend everyone!


it doesn’t want to stop raining…

… so in the end it has an effect on you and it’s up to you what you do with it.

I tried to channel all the influences, colors and the mood and I made this:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Along with the rain I had another influence… this song just feels like rainy days…


See you next time! Hopefully the sun will be back by then 🙂



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