beads and wire

After being ill for so long with the nastiest sinus infection, it feels great and liberating to create nice things again.

Ever since I discovered tiger tail wire for my self I am hooked onto making necklaces with it.
Specially these simple types with crimp beads and combining various glass beads. Simple, elegant, quirky… I like 🙂

The yellow one is already available in my shop


Hope spring is gona come soon and it will bring some sunshine 🙂


it doesn’t want to stop raining…

… so in the end it has an effect on you and it’s up to you what you do with it.

I tried to channel all the influences, colors and the mood and I made this:

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Along with the rain I had another influence… this song just feels like rainy days…


See you next time! Hopefully the sun will be back by then 🙂



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