yesterday… all the craft I managed to do in a day… :)

Having a bit of a break from sewing at the moment, but it feels nice as more and more jewellery ideas are flowing… so yes, keeping in with the creative spirit 🙂

Yesterday we had a fab creative day, made some meringues (before I could gram my camera, they were all gone, he he), first of its kind :).

Then spent some time with colors, textures, heat and plastic:

 I can see some brooches in progress… 😉

Then came some silk paper making 🙂

Maggie making her paper 🙂

This is only the first stage of making silk paper, laying out the silk fiber in two layers and the way of the fibers should cross each other on the layers. Then it gets to be covered with plastic mesh fabric, soak through with warm soapy water then soak it through with glue mixed with water. The kit and inspiration came from an artist we saw on a local expo, Stevie. Her work is so so beautiful!!! Anyway, the silk paper is drying at the moment… we made two, one in orange and warm yellowy shades as you can see on the images and another one in pinks and purples… no pics of that, but wait till they dry out 🙂

And the final craft attempt of yesterday is

well, work in progress…gona be a necklace once I finish it 🙂

In the mean time, have a look at the new necklace and earring I made combining glass beads, silver wire and ribbons.

And remember, crafting is fun, but doing it with others is the best!!!!

Have a happy weekend everyone!


getting friendly with the plastic :)

Easter has been (luckily) a very busy period, loads of work and also loads of crafting and experimenting have been done 🙂

Last year we had a fab day out in Yorkshire, Harrogate to the Knit and Stitch show and amongst all the lovely things we have spent successfully money on, me and Maggie bought some friendly plastic. On the way back we made a huge list of what we have to do with all the inspiration, ideas and materials gained on the show.

Well, couple of months later we managed to get round to have a few hours of experimenting… really enjoyed creating in a different way then what I am used to so far.

Ok, if you are not familiar with friendly plastic so far, basically this is a type of plastic that has a colored foil on top and by heating it you can shape it and mould it to your desire. A really lovely way of creating.

Maggie created the earrings – love the clean style! And she made the big green-flower bead, which inspired me to make the pink flower on the white back ground. Also we experimented with stamping onto the plastic – I am quite pleased with the result actually.

As you can see we are pretty at the beginning of working with friendly plastic but all these pretty things in various shape will be on display and for sale at the Damson Day fair. So if you are about come and see us 🙂


I’ll be back soon with my new bags and other creations…

Until then show and tell what you have been up to during Easter!

Take care



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