Le Tour de France

I’m not into football nor tennis… I kind of like watching swimming (weird, I know)… but ever since I was a kid coming home from school I remember watching the Tour de France (not the highlights, the whole lot… fair enough, I did fall asleep a few times too).

And specially since being friends with a cyclist fella’ I kind of got more into it. My embarrassing admission is that since I started cycling to work I developed this weird fetishistic fascination with Lycras (not MAMILs – Middle Aged Men In Lycra), yeah I call them Lycras now, all the cyclists in their serious looking gear on a cool road bike. Every time I see one I unconsciously change gear and before I know it I am trying to catch them up and race them, even though I’m only a girl wearing skirt and tights on a vintage hybrid with a basket on the front. It might be a subconscious thing that I want to be like them… I don’t know.

So anyway, I’m writing this post because I am heart broken, as the Tour is here in the UK and I can’t go and see them… gutted. I’ve been cheering Chris Froome for two years now, and how cool it would have been to see them swoosh past on the road… Anyone, who is out there, in Leeds, or Sheffield or gona be in London, well I hope you’ll enjoy it, wave them on for me, and just to let you know, I’m super jealous of you all 🙂

And just to make sure we have a bit of craft in this post too (after all this is supposed to be a craft blog), here are my latest finds on Etsy and elsewhere, that I am seriously considering saving up for

il_570xN.405040425_9f9mI mean riding at night doesn’t get much cooled then this… yeah, I know I’m just a hopeless cycling romantic 🙂





I want to be that panther… 🙂 and i like the colour of the T-Shirt too.




Now I like this little idea, so simple and I would be so grateful sometimes if I had one on my bike.



Now some other useful or cool stuff, like patchnride 🙂 though I’m not sure what you’d do with it, if you can’t find the puncture on your tyre.



And then there is this… I really like helmets like this, but I’ve been told that I’ll look like a weird golf ball. I’ll let you know as soon as I got one 🙂






Thanks for visiting and let the Tour begin!!!


Ups and downs of handmade (?) or just me

After an absolutely dreadful fair I did in a local town I was seriously contemplating selling my sewing machine… yeah, when 200 people go by your stall and only 3 things you manage to sell, that might be an indicator. But then I thought lets give it another go, and made these bags and cases incorporating quilting, appliqué, art. Really enjoy making these, next step would be making my own appliqué  (don’t know, I might be too lazy or just practical in not investing more time into something that is kind of not returning the ‘favour’) as the ones I’m using at the moment are made by James Sharp, his website is ace.

But have look, see what you think












tartancase1Anyway, I think the shop is looking good at the moment, so at least with that I am pleased with 🙂

Also, if anyone is in Shropshire this Saturday come to this fair, fingers crossed it’ll be fun 🙂

may fair


Thanks for stopping by and if you have a spare moment, drop me a comment, just to cheer me up xx


in “case” …

Sewing away, bags are still on my mind, summer is being delayed by rain… so I had to use everything I could find 🙂 Exactly!

In “case” you don’t understand, I found use of all the small pieces of fabric that either was left behind or only had little of… and I made some cases.

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Always had trouble neatly organising things…No no, I can organise, I just can’t keep them that way :D. I generally have an interior order that, according to others, doesn’t look too good :-p .So I thought, why not? And I made these tool cases… with some cotton, lace, up-cycled denim and to make them chic, I decorated them with some vintage and plastic buttons and the closure ties are satin ribbons. Cute hm?

Perfect for pencils, hooks, you name it…

Gona continue making them, as they are great fun, gives me space to experiment and I still have loads of crochet hooks and tools that need a good resting place.

For more info on them, have a look at them in my shop.


Keep on creating!  🙂


easy Tuesday mornings…

Last week I made this bag… still stock with the raspberry colored linen 🙂 and with this song :). I think they both match eachother and perfectly accompany this lovely spring sunshine and warm smells that is happening right outside my window.

So people, if you have the chance even for five minutes, just enjoy the warmth and use the creativity of the light that is spreading everywhere!

Also, started crocheting a top, inspired by Maggie… and I was ever so impressed, as I managed to follow a pattern without difficulty… gosh, I felt invincible 🙂 Will post it as soon as I’m finished!

Until next time, happy sunny Tuesday everyone!


Raspberry Paradise

I started this bag last night and finished it this morning… and I found that it takes just one Coldplay – Paradise to sew around the top of the bag… so as you can guess, I listened to this song quite a few time while making it 🙂 All and all I enjoyed it…

The best part is when I pin the lining together with the shoulder straps and the outer bag and the first time you can see the outlines of a finished product! Something I couldn’t do a couple of months ago! Amazing! ( I started sewing for the first time – out of curiosity – with a sewing machine in January/2012)Loving it!

Also before I forget, that only up-cycled materials were used (except for the lace trim)

So here it is, today’s creativeness in a raspberry color… and thanks to Simon, it is already sold! Thank you Simon, it’s amazing! 🙂

Don’t forget to drop by next time!


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