Fun with the neighbors :)

No day should pass without the act of creating! (either by making art, craft, cooking your signature dish, I’m sure everyone can think of something 🙂 )

Today I created two linos and went printing with my neighbor and crafty friend Mandy . Basically I was experimenting with different mark making onto lino, textures and graphic elements with lines. In a very short time I managed to print a few off these two plates and what was interesting for me that we used water based block printing inks (instead of oil based ones) and a baren instead of a press. I have a lot to learn but enjoyed every second of it!! And it so low maintenance! Although I must admit using a press has it’s unmistakable beauty!

The paper I printed on is recycled elephant pooh paper given to me by a dear friend Simon. But I can’t wait to experiment on different types of printing paper.

This is it for today, but new adventures await! 🙂

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