On her way!

I got inspired and a few weeks ago I started making my first ever rag doll… as I went along I decided she is going to be a beautiful little girl’s, Emilia’s birthday present.

It is completely hand sewn, and I really enjoyed making her… so therapeutic making everything by hand. I am just starting to get into longer projects, do a bit here, then put it aside, then when I have time, get it out again and maybe bring some new ideas to it.

At one point, I was thinking: Am I a bit odd making dolls and little doll’s accessories? I mean my boyfriend was asking me if I’d go for a walk with him (while I was making the little cardy and stuff, and also it was ever so miserable outside), and I said no, because I wanted to finish everything. Then I got thinking, does he thinks he is going out with a wierdo who is making dolls now…?? I don’t know… I long gave up on “normal” and it was fun to make 🙂

So bonne voyage my darling and keep Emilia happy 🙂

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