playing with filters and light

Had a fab weekend, taking part of a 3 day landscape photography workshop in Snowdonia, Wales.

It was fun, lots of banter with Garreth and Lindsey, waking up early to catch the first sunlight, going to superb locations and in the mean time feeling relaxed and inspired to capture my version of the landscape in front of me.

Garreth introduced me to the world of filters an polarizers, and how they can manipulate life as the camera perceives it… loved the results and I have somewhat a deeper understanding of my camera and techniques.

Have a look!

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Fell in love with Anglesey, really enjoyed my time at the beach hunting for small scenes and taking in the sea air. Also we were ever so lucky not to have any rain, as Wales has plenty of it. It was a bit cold, but hey, can’t moan about it really.

here is me in ‘action’

One of the best pre-birthday event ever. 🙂

Let the magic begin…

One of my favorite months has started, October 🙂
Best in many ways, colors are spreading everywhere, my birthday is in the middle of it, the sun is still warm and I don’t know why but it always feels like the air is vibrating with something amazing… like something magical is about to happen, or something life-changing is waiting just round the corner. Love it!

So today, to cherish October’s gifts, I took a few photos

beautiful, organic squashes

autumn crochet

project on the go

working on this doll for another autumn child

more lovely squashes 🙂

with Noodle

Enjoy everyone!


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