exciting march

What an amazing way this month has started… my good friend and fab artist Amanda Hiller has been featured in Period Living magazine. Amanda’s work is so lovely and when I first heard about the news of this article, I didn’t realise the scale of it… Amazing!! Getting my copy tomorrow!!

But the other exciting thing about this article is that some of my photos are featured in it as well 😀 So happy! Its a great way of showing off our continuous cooperation.

Here are a few photos I took of Amanda, her work and her studio.



spring is in the air

Ever happened to you that you are doing something for a period of time and although you are giving it your 100% it just doesn’t want to work… and then one day it just falls into place and it works. Its hard to explain because I feel in the world of “art” (please don’t think I’m big headed) and craft there are very few rules as to what you need to do… it all come down to whether it “works” or not. And sometimes pieces go against all or most rules and they still “work”.

I feel like I have been taking photographs for the last few weeks and non of them felt too good… I just felt like there wasn’t anything that I liked about them. Been to the Birmingham Photography Show  and there was a fab little garden set up and I really enjoyed taking photos of the succulents there, but it was more of a “lets fight me being so self conscious” thing, I think I haven’t even looked at the images I took.

But today for some reason, after 6 hours of walking these images just feel like they sing to me… An amazing photographer said this recently and I really like the phrase. My photos are just aspiring shadows compared to hers, I feel like I want to take photos like these when I grow up 🙂 or when I finally manage to save up for a 50mm lens at least :-p

But in the mean time, here are today’s glimpse in the spring sunshine








I just recently uploaded these photos to my Facebook page, all this bla bla of art and effort of taking a good photo and guess which photo people like the most? Well the one with dog of course… this dog is stealing my photographic glory 🙂

I’m back :)

Being away from blog writing is so easy… and yet its much more fun, when I make my self write, I just have to keep remembering that.

Although I have been busy, and here are a few things that I have been busy with:

lace necklace

lace necklace

lace necklace_2








Yes, a bit a crochet is always good 🙂 and these necklaces are already available in my shop.

But not all is yarn and hook, been doing some paintings inspired by a fab artist called Agnes Cecile, here is my version



hand 2

I know…pretty crap compared to Agnes’s work, but I was happy that I am able to do something that is kind of ok to look at. Definitely there is room for improvement and I’m looking forward to that 🙂

And last but not least, I have been spending a dash of time with Amanda Hillier in her studio, and these are my new lions, it was lovely to carve and print again… and I think I want to experiment more with colours 🙂



Thanks for stopping and a good spring to you all!






Shrinking art

One of my new obsessions me thinks 🙂

Well, it all started a couple of weeks ago when me and Maggie had a visit at the Little Hippo shop where some of my bags and jewellery are being sold. Anyway, its a lovely lovely shop full of great products and we came across this kiddy book on shrinking plastic. It looked like there might be some potential in amusing our selfs on an afternoon with it, so Maggie bought it for us to try. We haven’t stopped ever since 🙂

I finally got my mojo back to create images either by drawing them or using other media and techniques (can’t stop buying pencils and pens now). I’m not great but I used to draw a lot, and I just stopped a couple of years ago. My experience is that no matter how good you are at something, if you don’t practice it, eventually your skill is just gona go to sleep deep inside you. And deep sleeping skills take a whole lot of effort to be awaken.

Anyway the basics of shrink plastic is that you can create any image on the surface of the plastic (draw it, stamp it, colour it), since it is very thin, you can cut it to any shape you like and hole-punch it, then bake it in the oven for about 2-3 minutes (165 °C). The baking will make the plastic thicken and shrink to the third of its original size. So it is highly satisfying as the colours intensify and your little image becomes a solid object that you can use to make jewellery or use it in your sketchbook.

These are a few we made this afternoon:

some of my bubble bath attempts

some of my bubble bath attempts

cherries on the rise and dragonflies with bees :)

cherries on the rise and dragonflies with bees 🙂


Maggie's stained glass themed heart

Maggie’s stained glass themed heart

necklace tiles that Maggie made

necklace tiles that Maggie made

Our disastrous attempt of using shrink plastic that you can inkjet print on.We couldn't get the colour saturation right, the plastic has a horrible surface, feels flimsy... so this will just go back into the drawer for now.

Our disastrous attempt of using shrink plastic that you can inkjet print on.We couldn’t get the colour saturation right, the plastic has a horrible surface, feels flimsy… so this will just go back into the drawer for now.


These are already available in my online shop and still many more to come. 🙂 So if you like any remember to pop back soon to check out the new ones.



Thank you for reading, as I think this must have been my longest post so far. Promise I won’t bore you with so much text next time 🙂

Also, hope you are enjoying your summer and don’t forget to be creative and have fun!



Valentine’s commission

Starting this beautiful 2013 a bit late but with a lovely commission for a friend, for his other half.
Occasion… Valentine’s day 🙂


2013-02-14 08.57.07

This set was made using sterling silver wire in two sizes, one is 0.8mm and the other one is 0.5mm.
Still trying to master the mystery of wire wrapped jewellery, but getting there 🙂

More lovely creations to come 🙂

soon xx

Fun with the neighbors :)

No day should pass without the act of creating! (either by making art, craft, cooking your signature dish, I’m sure everyone can think of something 🙂 )

Today I created two linos and went printing with my neighbor and crafty friend Mandy . Basically I was experimenting with different mark making onto lino, textures and graphic elements with lines. In a very short time I managed to print a few off these two plates and what was interesting for me that we used water based block printing inks (instead of oil based ones) and a baren instead of a press. I have a lot to learn but enjoyed every second of it!! And it so low maintenance! Although I must admit using a press has it’s unmistakable beauty!

The paper I printed on is recycled elephant pooh paper given to me by a dear friend Simon. But I can’t wait to experiment on different types of printing paper.

This is it for today, but new adventures await! 🙂

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