bring back the 50s

Last week I had the chance to be an assistant on a fab photo shoot for Rumour Couture… two gorgeous models and three locations. It kind of made me reminisce of my first assistant job I did for a documentary (ages ago – in another life 🙂 )… felt great and at the end of it I was aloud to take some shots too, which proper cheered me up 😀 Here are a few, all taken with my brand spanking new 50mm lens – so in love with it, I don’t even know if I’ll ever take it off now 🙂







clothsAmy_3Amy_7lisa_5Lisa_1Lisa_2Lisa_4Lisa_6kadAmy&Lisa_2DSC_0270DSC_0042 DSC_0233As you can see Amy and Lisa are absolutely stunning and lovely! We had my kind of hot, sunny weather… and Garreth is just the best for letting me come along.


Thank you to all of you, I had a fab day with you guys xx





P.S.: here is a song that kind of dominated my last two days… totally not matching the photos but its beautiful 🙂 enjoy





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