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I think the knitting craze kind of settled down for a while now, but there is always plenty of things to keep busy with.

For example in past few days I bought my first pattern and spent ages piecing it together…

2015-07-13 13.13.33 and the bloody things don’t always align properly, do they?

Then I made this little halter neck top…. proud because I managed to make this unaided and also cut the bias binding too 😀 (no fancy bias binding aids, just my scissors) Although, I think my technique of sewing the bias binding onto the arms for example could be improved…not bad for first attempt though 🙂

We’ll see if it fits anyone tomorrow 😀

2015-07-14 17.51.202015-07-14 17.50.32

sunny yellow

I was recently browsing on Pinterest, looking for knitting patterns… (as you do) something to use for my next project. And I stumbled across this little alteration gem, which is a cardigan made out of a sweatshirt. So I went to the closest charity shop looking for a sweatshirt to use. Obviously there was none to serve the purpose… but I found this little t-shirt from Land’s End in lemon yellow. (forgot to take a ‘before’ pic, sorry)

I slept on it and woke up with the idea what I’ll do to it 😀

Whipped out my Alabama Chanin book and I used her corset pattern and the end result is…..



I was super lazy, used my sewing machine to assemble the pieces and also only used my phone to take some quick pics of it 😀

… and here it is in action

FullSizeRenderI like the raw edges and probably if I were toned enough I’d love how figure hugging the garment is 🙂

Anyway, back to knitting for me !


gone mad…

…at least it feels like that a bit.

Not bad mad I think… just knitting mad 🙂

So far this year’s creativity has been exhausted in knitting… and I’m loving it. Over Christmas I have knitted my first ever wearable garment. A lovely blanket style cardigan following a pattern first time in my life. (pattern by Isabell Kraemer)

DSCN7331 DSCN7328

and here is the cardi in action. The colours were sort of chosen to reflect on an iconic Frida Kahlo photograph.

photo photo-2

I so loved making it!!! And seeing someone wearing and cherishing it gave me enough enthusiasm to start another one.

2015-04-08 17.52.29 2015-04-08 17.52.48

My fingers and wrists are struggling but I can’t wait to finish and start a new one 🙂

exciting march

What an amazing way this month has started… my good friend and fab artist Amanda Hiller has been featured in Period Living magazine. Amanda’s work is so lovely and when I first heard about the news of this article, I didn’t realise the scale of it… Amazing!! Getting my copy tomorrow!!

But the other exciting thing about this article is that some of my photos are featured in it as well 😀 So happy! Its a great way of showing off our continuous cooperation.

Here are a few photos I took of Amanda, her work and her studio.



bring back the 50s

Last week I had the chance to be an assistant on a fab photo shoot for Rumour Couture… two gorgeous models and three locations. It kind of made me reminisce of my first assistant job I did for a documentary (ages ago – in another life 🙂 )… felt great and at the end of it I was aloud to take some shots too, which proper cheered me up 😀 Here are a few, all taken with my brand spanking new 50mm lens – so in love with it, I don’t even know if I’ll ever take it off now 🙂







clothsAmy_3Amy_7lisa_5Lisa_1Lisa_2Lisa_4Lisa_6kadAmy&Lisa_2DSC_0270DSC_0042 DSC_0233As you can see Amy and Lisa are absolutely stunning and lovely! We had my kind of hot, sunny weather… and Garreth is just the best for letting me come along.


Thank you to all of you, I had a fab day with you guys xx





P.S.: here is a song that kind of dominated my last two days… totally not matching the photos but its beautiful 🙂 enjoy





Is there a recipe for patience?_2

Well I didn’t have to wait long 🙂 I got ‘go ahead’ from customer, replies to emails, things got sorted (at least some of them) and the dreaded moment came too, my bike sort of gave up on me today, so finally that needs fixing now.

Oh, in the mean time, I have an almost finished bag, saw at least 4 movies and took photos of some amazing ladies. Still a lot of editing to do, but here is a sneak peek

DSC_0371 DSC_0270 More to come soon 🙂


Is there a recipe for patience?

There must be an art to it… some people must have some tactics…

I don’t.

Mostly I’m the kind of “I want it all and I want it NOW!” girl. Mostly… because there is that rare sometimes, when I probably have more patience then a saint 🙂 as I said, its rare.

I mean, after sewing that dress (see previous post :-p ) I realised how impulsive, “fast” (it still takes me about 3 hours to make them) and almost thoughtless my bags are for example. When we were sewing the dress, I used a mostly well traced pattern, the fabric was cut as closely to the pattern as I could and , here it comes, and I used an iron… yes, to iron the fabric, to press open the seams, to flatten the fabric. It was a well paced journey of preparation, well thought through steps and a not too bad result.

I feel that most of the time my bags are reactions to the fabric. I kind of have an idea in my head, but that evolves to suit the fabric, been as I like to use accidentally found fabrics, end bits or odd stuff. Here are my latest ones. They were commissioned by a friend of mine, Simon  – and he already sold three of them 🙂 yahay.


My big achievement with these bags were the adjustable straps. Some have slide buckles and others work with metallic snap closures. Still very imperfectly me… but a bit better 🙂

So yes, advantages of no patience is impulsive randomness that I like… but then sometimes, like when I’m waiting for a customer to to just give me the go ahead, for 5 days now, seam really hard. All I want to do is get cracking…

Or when I’m in-between projects, I should be able to enjoy the time, fill up with new ideas, let the new thing blossom organically. But instead out of impatience I force my self to make things and mess them up, feel down, get up, still having to wait a period of time and then start something great.

Or in relationships, friendships and all other ‘ships’… the journey, the beginnings are all very exciting but I do find the slow progression of things sometimes frustratingly annoying…

So unless anyone has any better advice, my cure for impatience for now are loads of sewing and movies. And that it shall be … 🙂


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